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Free Shipping on all thy orders...Huzzah!
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About Us

Huzzah! Good Day to all you lovers of renaissance faires and festivals! 

The FaireFreak project documents renaissance festivals around the U.S.A. and started (quietly in 2011 and) loudly in 2020 by making fun music videos of renfaire footage posting mostly on TikTok. Click on the icon below to see hundreds of renfaire videos from renaissance festivals around the U.S.A. including Texas Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest Faire, The Castle of Muskogee Renaissance Festival, Colorado Renaissance Festival and more!

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I am The Owlchemist Queen, the white owl queen with a heart of gold, and have been performing at renaissance festivals since 2014. In 2020, during the pandemic, I stepped back a bit from performing and went back to my love of making videos and documenting all the amazing performers, vendors, artists, workers, and patrons of our beloved renaissance faires. This is my industry, and the people are my friends, fairmily, and colleagues. Prior to being The Owlchemist Queen I spent 3 years traveling with Tartanic, the bagpipe and drum band you all know and love, and was their videographer! 

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The FaireFreak shop is here to give you some renfaire swag and gifts all year long.

The FaireFreak Project is here to document our dynamic renaissance festival culture and show the world our sweet little industry.

Profits help us travel to renfaires to continue to document this vibrant culture.